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hallfinal_Corona Camera003.bk.jpg
hallfinal_Corona Camera003.bk.jpg

Guangzhou Marriott Hotel Renovation




 Guangzhou, Guangdong



Design Team

Kenny Lia Architects



The impression of the desert is always deserted, continuous, and noisy in addition to the environment, people are often more likely to calm down to reflect on the original intention and life in the fast-paced society gradually forgotten, where the living environment is harsh, in addition to wind and sand almost nothing. All this seems at odds with a bustling city. Nowadays, the fast-paced society carries many people in the city without stopping to rush about, and even have no time to stop to review the original intention of life and think about the future direction. Therefore, the purpose of designing this hotel is to remove some unnecessary noise and splendor in the city, so that tourists can temporarily stay away from the gorgeous and crowded "oasis" of the city, and stop in the silent and empty "desert". Pick the original meaning.

hallfinal_Corona Camera005.bk.jpg
hallfinal_Corona Camera005.bk.jpg
hallfinal_Corona Camera006.bk01.jpg

We hope to create a hotel that allows guests to return to nature and feel nature in the steel jungle such as the city. In today's environment of accelerated pace of life and rapid social development, many busy guests seem to forget the atmosphere of nature, so paying attention to the rational use of natural materials and plants is the key to our design, increasing the depth of space level. Truly feel nature in the city life.

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